Return and Refund Policy

  1. This return and refund policy shall only be applicable De Carton online store only.

  2. Customer shall examine the goods immediately upon collection / delivery for any deficiencies and/or damages. If parcel damaged when receiving, customer should refuse to receive the parcel or take picture for inspection and inform to company customer services immediately.

  3. There are no return available after the parcel content has been opened by customer. However, return may available under certain circumstances which related to company issue such as incorrect item received and these cases will be handled on a case by case basis.

  4. If customer receive incorrect item or missing part, kindly inform to company customer services within 3 days after receive. Failure to inf/rm company of a problem within period stated will mean the order is deemed to have been accepted and checked.

  5. For returned product, company will inspect the returned product upon return by customer.

  6. After having paid for the order, customer no longer to cancel order but if customer insist to cancel order and the parcel not delivery yet, company will reserve the right of refund. Please take note the refund will be issued by voucher and cannot be exchanged to cash.

  7. There are no refundable after company ship out the parcel.

  8. Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any failure on the part of any courier or delivery service used to deliver goods, and not accept any consequential loss incurred the customer by any action or inaction on the part of De Carton or any agent acting on behalf of.


  If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services.